Introducing: RIGSLAP - the free cable management tool from Global Truss. Do you need a power or signal line along your truss? How do you fix the cable to the truss? Normally, you would use some tape, the good old “Zumbel” in German or something else to keep the cable nice and tight to the truss.

With RIGSLAP, our FREE-FOR-ALL and re-usable strap, you can now easily finish your cabling tasks. With a single slap of our innovative rubber coated RIGSLAP, your cables are tightly fixed to the truss and won’t slip.

Besides the cabling job, RIGSLAP also looks great on your wrist or ankles. We started to give out FREE products when we introduced the SILENCER in 2018 and with RIGSLAP we would like to follow this approach – This is for you. For Free.

You can get your free RIG SLAPs as following:

+ - on site in selected stores (participating partners can be found on the following list)
+ - on Global Truss stands at trade shows like the Prolight + Sound
+ - you can also register for our newsletter and when you have done this send us an email with your contact data to


+ SAM Music